11 May 2009

Drawing by Raphael

I started attending the Princes Drawing School Young Artists Programme when I was in year 6 of St. Luke’s CE Primary school. I was given a letter to attend the session at St. Augustine CE High school of which I am now in year 8.

I was also told that I was going to be taught by professional artists. After hearing this, it motivated me and I believed that I could improve my art skills as I already have a love of art but I was not having any proper art lessons to develop my skills

I continued to participate in the club right up to the present time. During each summer holiday, the club organised different classes and all at various famous art galleries.

In the Drawing venues’ we are taught how to do quick and effective drawings especially because the galleries close early. During one summer holiday the focus was on ‘animation’ which was exciting as I had never done this before.

We have also had a drawing marathon and we used the Mall galleries near Trafalgar Square.

The club moved from the sessions at St Augustine’s to Kingsgate Road which is further down Kilburn going towards Cricklewood. From Kingsgate Road, we moved to The Wallace Collection near Baker Street. At this gallery we drew from the paintings in the gallery and there was an interesting range of paintings to choose from. The gallery closed at 5p.m. so we often worked against time and tried to do as much as we could. We were given the chance to finish our work by looking at the replicas that were produced.

The main focus was the painting of ‘The Laughing Cavalier’ because the theme was based around that painting, we started off with pencil drawings and we eventually moved on to chalk drawings, coloured drawings and detailed drawings. We even made sculptures. It was fun working with other students of different ages because it shows how much talent that children as young as 10 could have.

At the end of each term, we always have an exhibition. I have been very fortunate that an architect all the way from Australia liked a piece of my work and actually purchased it. This made me very proud.

I have benefited from the Drawing Club because I have learnt different styles and methods as well as how to use them to bring together the different parts of a drawing. I have learnt how to improve on details of my work effectively. My mother loves the care that is shown by the staff. They always phone my home if I am late to check whether I would be attending and even provided a taxi for me on the first trip to the Wallace Gallery. It was so nice to come out of school and be taken by taxi. It made me feed special.

I look forward to being with and in the Drawing Club.

Raphael Sinclair